About Our GARDEN Pots

Are our pots indoor or outdoor?

– All our Garden Pots are completely Frostproof for outdoor use. And, of course, they look equally great indoors. All of our range has been outside through the Perthshire winter and have stood the test of time some being 10yrs old!

What can I put in my pots?

– Anything!

Perennials, Annuals in easy filler pots, Artificial flower displays, Decorative branches, Small / Large Trees
Umbrella or Walking Stick holder!

Are our pots frost proof?

- Yes, all our outdoor pots are frost proof! That doesn’t mean to say you can have them looking great indoors too.

Do our outdoor pots have drainage holes?

– Yes

Can I come and view selection?

- Yes, Open Every Sunday in Aberfeldy, Perthshire
Alternatively by appointment , please just give us a call.
Open Day Dates listed on website and Social media

Can I collect my pot?

- Yes, by prior arrangement.

How can I pay?

You can pay directly through our website or Bank Transfer. Also happy to process card payments over the phone or on collection.

Do the colours vary?

Each handmade pot is different to the next, made exclusively for Pink Buffalo. There will be individual kiln marks and each glaze may differ in colour from one pot to the next.

There are no two pots the same, each individual glaze adds to their uniqueness and handmade quality.

Are our pots handmade?

Yes, each and every pot is completely handmade. Each process is completed by a skilled pot maker, expert in their particular stage of the process. No machines are used at any stage.

Sizing Info

All pot measurements are external measurements not necessarily the size of the opening at the top.
As our range is completely handmade, the measurements and weight may vary slightly from the details on website.


Our outdoor pots are not porous as they are fired at extremely high temperatures. They are made from a top quality, dense and heavy clay. Suitable for very low temperatures.

Care Instructions

Extra crock or large pebbles in the bottom of your pots always works well to provide additional drainage. If you wish to regularly change what is planted (e.g. annuals) we recommend you use a filler pot, please see demo video.
As our outdoor pots all have a high quality glaze, they are happy to be left outside all year round.
If you decide not to use the filler pots, and are planting your pot with a perennial, we would advise adding an additional liner to create a barrier between clay and soil. Please bear in mind your pot will become extremely heavy once fully filled in this way and may not be easily movable.


Outdoor Pots Outdoor Pots

All of our outdoor pots are hand made in Vietnam following an age old authentic process in original kilns. After months of research, we have narrowed our search down to working closely with three manufacturers, highly skilled in their craft. A time-consuming process using a dense, heavy clay and hand poured glaze. With this process, each pot can take up to 12 weeks to produce.