Grow your own?

Many people starting growing their own vegetables at home during lockdowns when they had time on their hands, and the trend that established itself in 2022 looks set to continue.

Sometimes things can get left or forgotten about when everyone went back to work, or when the World got back to it's busy self.
But with the current financial issues and the growing concern for the planet, I think that even more people will turn to growing their own. It might be to save money, or it might be to become as green as they possibly can.


We at Pink Buffalo love growing our own fruit and veg.   Our latest project has been using some of our gorgeous Strawberry planters.   We have planted them up with some Perthshire Strawberry plants and are looking forward to the crop that is to come.
These beautiful glazed pots are completely frost proof and are fantastic for growing all your herbs to keep your kitchen fully stocked.

Vagetable Garden